GNation as a Global Gamers’ Community

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GNation which basically means Gamers’ Nation is an ecosystem for all the gamers in the world. The founder and president of this movement is Sergey Sholom. He is also known as the founder of MobileGo – the 1st gaming platform that uses cryptocurrency. The community has numerous purposes. Let’s discuss them all.
First of all, GNation is like a confederation of high-tech gaming companies who wish to reinvent gaming. With the help of their platform, various gaming tournaments are available to a wider number of people. MGO tokens (local cryptocurrency) is supposed to make the transactions easier and faster.
GNation’s mission is pretty ambitious and sounds like changing the world one gamer at a time. It inspires amateurs to become pros and collaborates with other companies and the best gaming teams to help them get continuous education. Due to the collaboration with Team Secret, the new eBook was published. It’s a very useful tool for many gamers who wish to turn it into a successful career.
The platform is using cutting-edge technologies and blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Waves. It works on Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.
This initiative is led by the leaders in the industry who create all tools to help gamers. They try to give everyone an understanding of how big a player’s impact can be. The newest software products (which are now being tested by the No. 1 Japanese gaming team) will create a new gaming economy. In addition, it’ll allow contributing to the global causes. This is why MobileGo is going to launch the philanthropic platform this spring. It’ll be the world where gamers will be motivated to help others.
The company devotes lots of efforts to teambuilding, too. It has excellent reviews of the employees. All of them you can study here and find out that it offers the possibilities to develop one’s skills and be rewarded for good work.
GNation is the 1st attempt to unite all gamers in the world and the team of professionals works really hard to achieve it. Clearly, it’s a new way of looking at games and gaming tournaments which is definitely going to leave a trace in history. If you want to join the movement, you can either download the software and become a loyal user, or look through the job opportunities, or invest in the company. The prognosis on the long-term investment is rather good and worth your attention.